Benefit to your customer and your business: Offer content, information, education and the internet on a platform that fits in with any environment.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technological revolution that represents the future of computing and communication, causing influences on people and business habits. From this new technology, it is possible to connect objects in a sensorial and intelligent way.

Content Aboard, Nexa Applications, as well as helping your business deliver content to your customer, can go a long way. With it, you'll have the opportunity to deliver unique information to your target audience through a unique technology developed in partnership with Cisco as well as generate new business opportunities using monetization platform resources.

The technology can be applied anywhere, whether static or mobile, and content can be delivered even without an internet connection, allowing your company to provide on-board entertainment, educational content and even paid content. All in a custom interface for your business.




  • Offer your own content
  • Get the data for the customer registry
  • Generate income with paid content
  • Create new healthcare solutions and deliver mobile solutions
  • Conquer and train your employees


1. What is the Content Aboard solution?

Content Aboard is a solution that unites IoT and Fog Computering technologies to deliver multimedia content on mobile devices independent of Internet access.

2. Is Content Aboard a Wi-Fi solution for Internet access?

Content Aboard includes within its portfolio a Wi-Fi solution integrated with your Internet access equipment. What differs from our solution is the embedded capacity of the content, ie the data made available as videos, training, music, manuals and other forms of application, are hosted in the equipment, not requiring the use of internet bandwidth to get them. This way there is no interruption or unavailability.

3. What benefits will this solution bring to my customers?

Entertainment, better use of time, increased knowledge are some of the benefits to its customers. For the company, the benefits are knowledge of the profile of its customer, loyalty, guarantee of quality service delivery, cost reduction with internet access, use of telemetry and data transmission and video monitoring in real time, and several others.

4. Is this solution only for vehicles?

No, the equipment is robust and can be used in industry, commerce, public sector, and free areas. Where you need content availability, our solution fits.

5. How does the content is updated?

Through a centralized management cloud site, you can update the contents of each device remotely. The upgrade can be automatic and anytime through a 4G connection or, for a larger mass of content, over Wi-Fi when the device is near a Data Center.

6. Is access to content controlled?

It is possible to create access rules for the user, such as having to register, enjoy the company's facebook page, or have the access released without any requirement. Access control allows you to identify the user and know when you accessed the content, as well as make it possible to use security criteria to block sites with inappropriate content.

7. Who is responsible for generating content on board and who owns it?

The contractor of our services is responsible for generating the content or acquiring it, including for paying the copyright. NEXA Applications through Content Aboard makes this content available to your customers. All content made available to the public is the responsibility and property of the contractor of our solution.

8. What information will I have from who accesses this system?

It is possible to access the user's facebook profile or through customization request additional data. These data are highly appreciated by the marketing areas and serve as a database for campaign utilization or consumer profile analysis.

9. Does the hardware manufacturer attest to the solution in any way?

Our solution has been certified by Cisco to run on its IoT equipment. We are certified partners and we have Cisco compatible label for this application.

10. How is the solution marketed?

Nexa Applications is approved to market the entire solution, which is composed of hardware and software. The hardware can be acquired through direct purchase or through a leasing to install payment. The software will be delivered as a use license, with monthly installments.

11. I already own the hardware, can I buy only the software?

Yes, with the hardware within the model and manufacturer prerequisites, you only have to hire the software.

12. I am a Cisco supplier, can I market Content Aboard software to my customers?

Yes, you can hire the software and market it to your customers.

13. How does solution support work?

Support can be contacted through the call center or by e-mail. The central unit serves in 8x5 character but can be contracted specific support 24x7.

14. If I acquire the solution, will I be the perpetual owner of the solution?

If you get the hardware, it will definitely be yours. In case you want to acquire the whole solution as a service, that is to say in rent, the solution will be available for your use during the duration of the contract. The software will be available only as a rental.

15. I have telemetry information that I would like to be transmitted to a central office, can the solution help me in this process?

Yes, the equipment, besides providing content, can be used as collector of telemetry and transmission of this data via the internet for real time monitoring. The same concept applies to the video monitoring solution, which is also supported by the equipment.

Nexa is a specialized company that offers solutions that can unite technology, business and people. Focused on the satisfaction of its customers, Nexa brings the necessary tranquility for executives to seek improvement and improvement in their business.

Driven by the same commitment and supported by the credibility it has gained in the market, the company creates Nexa Applications capable of using IoT technology for the benefit of its customers and users, adapting its use to different realities.

The company from any industry that is interested in innovating in communication with its target audience, will receive through Content Aboard the technology generated by the giant Cisco and the credibility of the Nexa brand, which brings the security of the installation and the permanent management of the platform used.